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Omaha has a problem with maintaining accessible pedestrian options, especially around construction projects. This situation is neither inevitable nor without remedy. Many cities require transportation management plans when construction will block pedestrian infrastructure. Sign our petition encouraging the city to adopt policies consistent with other comparable cities that recognize the need for accessible pedestrian infrastructure.

Sign Our Petition for Safer Sidewalks in Omaha

We propose the City of Omaha adopt a sidewalk policy that includes the following elements to ensure the safety and accessibility of all Omahans who want to use our city sidewalks for transportation:

1. All contractors and utilities must refrain from blocking sidewalks and maintain walkway accessibility at all times possible.

2. The right-of-way user working in any right-of-way is responsible for the safe movement of traffic, both pedestrian and vehicular, through the construction area. The right-of-way user shall meet all requirements for barricading and traffic.

3. Complete sidewalk closures will be limited to 15 days.

4. Construction lasting longer than 15 days will require temporary walkway on the same side of the street as the sidewalk closure.

5. Sidewalk closures without temporary walkway will never be permitted on both sides of the street at the same time.

6. Temporary walkways will account for weather conditions and avoid crossings easily damaged by weather.

7. Pedestrian access to buildings must be preserved during construction.

8. Temporary walkways must meet standards for accessibility and safety and must protect pedestrians from construction activities and potential traffic.

9. Create an app and that allows the city and citizens to enter up to the minute information on pedestrian and cycling closures.

10. Create a safer sidewalks culture and invest infrastructure to support sidewalks as major public thoroughfares that require the same level of attention, concern, and investment that vehicular traffic receives.

11. Fine contractors in violation who refuse to comply and deny them future contracts with the city.

The undersigned believe that Omaha should be accessible to all, and our pedestrian infrastructure policies should match our commitments to accessibility and active transportation options found in our Transportation Element of the City Master Plan, our Complete Streets Ordinance, and our commitment to Vision Zero. Policy and action needs to match our rhetoric on the issue of pedestrian accessibility.
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6011 Dodge St. CEC 219.2
Omaha, NE 68182