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How to Use RenMind Wire Apps to Get New Marketing Leads

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This is the 3rd of 5 articles on how to get the most out of the RenMind Wire Contact Area. Although the Contact Area is just one piece of Wire it’s a really powerful one. In the last article I went into how to use your existing connections to build an organic audience. The great thing about Wire is it lets you build on the contacts you already have to broaden your audience and get new leads through multiple applications. All of the apps below are built into Wire, and you can strategize to use them together to get the most out of your contact acquisition.

There are 5 main ways to make connections through Wire, but when used together with social media the chances for new leads only multiplies. Any time someone leaves you a review, enters a contest, accepts a coupon or offer, or fills out a form, they’ll be imported into your main Contact Area. If they choose to opt-in they’ll even be added to connections you can communicate with through email.

So, let’s get started. Here are 5 ways you can get new leads with RenMind Wire’s built in tools:

Number 1: Get Email Opt-ins Through Built-in Forms

All of the apps below use a sign-up form to leave a Review, enter a Giveaway or register for an Offer. In exchange for participating, a new connection can opt-in to receive your email newsletters. The many options the Form feature gives you works in a similar way. But in this case the main goal is to get someone to sign up exclusively for your email newsletters by opting-in.

Lead Capture Forms with RenMind Wire Marketing

You can have sign-up Forms embedded into your website, landing page or blog. You can also generate a simple landing page with Forms that you can drive people to with a link. By setting up the Fields for your Forms you can collect any information you think will help you communicate better with your connections. The kind of information you ask for is up to you. You can make any of these fields mandatory or simply leave them optional (of course you’ll want their email and first name.)

So, how do you get people to sign-up for your email messages? Go ahead and just ask. You’ll be surprised at how many people will want to know more about what you and your company’s up to. For more on this check out the 2nd article in this series for more ways to generate interest in your email marketing list. Hint: you can also give something in exchange, like a pdf with industry knowledge (whitepapers, eBooks, etc…), access to premium content, or an offer for a service you want to promote.

Number 2: Ask For Reviews

User Reviews for Lead Capture with RenMInd Network

Every time you complete a service for a client it’s an opportunity to get a positive review. Send them a message through the Review app and ask them for feedback. When your service is fresh in a customer’s mind you can ask them to give you their opinion and they can opt-in for your email list at the same time. The Review app gives you the chance to share your reviews with potential clients and get contact information from the new connections you’ve made. It has the double bonus of building a positive reputation and being a lead generator. You can display your reviews on your Publish blog, social media feeds, embed them on your website and more to create marketing materials in a variety of ways.

Number 3: Make Potential Clients an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Coupon Lead Capture Marketing Through RenMind Wire

The Offer feature lets you create coupons or deals that people can register for in exchange for filling out the Fields you set, which is their contact information. It’s that easy. If you have a promotion you want to push you can share it on social media, your website or blog, and let customers know about it in whatever way you want. Encourage your loyal connections to spread the word and give them an incentive to refer your promotion to brand new audiences. It’s a great way to promote a coupon with social media in new ways. Offer keeps tabs on everyone who’s signed up for each coupon, so it lets you see what your connections are really reacting to.

Number 4: Giveaway Something Terrific

Contest Giveaway and Sweepstakes Marketing with RenMind Wire

One way to generate some positive attention is to use the Giveaway app to create a sweepstakes or contest. It works a lot like the Offer feature since it’s an easy way to promote new content on social media. Encourage connections to spread the word and don’t forget to mention it in your email newsletters and Publish blog feature. Create some buzz about your company and set up social media contests, sweepstakes and giveaways in a simple way. Just like Offer, Giveaway keeps track of all of the people who signed up for your contest, so you can see exactly what campaigns are getting a reaction.

Number 5: Publish Great Content and Promote Your Other Apps

Creating great informational content is a fantastic way to get people to check out what you’re up to. But why not use the bottom of your blog post to promote your Forms, Reviews, Offers and Giveaways. Any time you create a post you can easily share it on your own social media feeds and to get people to click on your Wire feed. If they read down to the bottom of your post they’re a great potential connection to fill out a Form for any of your promotions. And be sure to share your blog posts on social media to generate traffic to you Wire front-end site. The more chances you have for people to see your Publish blog content are opportunities for people to check out your reviews, giveaways and offers, and sign up for your email newsletter.

Check out more about generating leads through blog posts on my RenMind Wire Blueprint blog.

Using any of these marketing apps to gather new leads can be really powerful, but why not use them all together? Make Offer, Giveaway, Publish, Review and your Forms options work for you to create new connections in new ways. Marketing is a challenge but RenMind Wire helps you out by simplifying the process. It gives you several ways to generate interest in your business and combine them together into a larger marketing software suite that all works together. And we help you out too. Every Wire user has access to our support line and can access our library of help information. We want your marketing efforts to take off, so you can see the real benefits of Wire.

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