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Recent updates/features below for RenMind Network: 9/7/17

  • New feature added that allows users to opt-in to email notifications when contacts sign up to forms
  • Checkbox added to bottom of edit/create form pages, when checked the user will recieve emails when contacts sign up to that form (sends to address used in the Email field from Settings>Profile)
  • Notification email will contain values for fields that contacts filled in and a button that takes the user directly to the manage contact page for the contact that signed up (after login to renmind)
Note: Notifications will only be sent for either new contacts or contacts that are filling out a form that actually updates thier info (currently contact updates can be made when you email them a form link that allows the conatct information to be updated, so for example it _will_ also send email notifications when users sign up for 2nd stage forms since users get to them from email form links).

Wire Sites
  • Fix issue for company profile area not displaying correctly when no navigation was available
  • Email Drafts updated to properly save and display the selected date/time
  • Bulk Email page styling updated to display scheduled fields better
  • The form email notification system is updated to allow notifications to be sent to multiple addresses
  • Bottom of each form page will now display multiple checkbox options if more addresses are available. The default address pulls from the email field of the main account, additional addresses will show as options if Users are added and emails are set for them
  • Form email notification option now displays email address (even if multiple aren't available)
Settings > Users
  • Email field added
  • Fixes to form submission code
  • Added warning code to avoid spaces in user name
  • Fixes to allow Users to login from main account page
518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899