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Please submit requests by August 23rd

The Joslyn Castle Neighborhood Association (JCNA) is partnering with Midtown Neighborhood Alliance (MNA) to help ReTree the Joslyn Castle neighborhood and fill in any gaps where trees could be placed.  MNA has a fantastic initiative called ReTree Midtown, which provides trees and planting at no cost to you, no payment and no help planting required!  Tree types will vary around the neighborhood based on several factors and including recommendations from a Certified Arborist, and Omaha’s Urban Planning Department. Typically, they will be large maturing trees.

Eligibility requirements:
  1. All trees need to be planted on a city-owned right of way, typically along the street (trees cannot be planted in the back yard or anywhere other than on the city-owned right of way).
  2. A 2-year commitment is needed to water and maintain any planted trees.
  3. For properties currently being rented, consent must be received from the homeowner and approved prior to planting, acknowledging their commitment to maintain the planted trees for any balance of the two years.

Interested in volunteering to help plant your trees or multiple trees in the neighborhood?  Volunteering will help the grant funding go further, allowing more trees to be planted across the sixteen Midtown Neighborhoods.

Planting is scheduled for the fall of 2019.

A member of the JCNA board will reply back to any questions via email and will confirm each request when approved.

*Submitting this request form does not guarantee any trees.  JCNA will review each request with MNA to confirm the need and eligibility.

Please follow this link to submit your request: https://forms.gle/byoejaDxPW4SiS646

For more information contact Matt Whitlow at 402-478-8882

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P.O. Box 31764
Omaha, NE 68131