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Green landscaping, or sustainable landscaping, is an exciting new way of taking new and old ideas and creating beautiful, self-sufficient yard ecosystem. We try to use plants as often as possible that use less water, require less maintenance, limit the need for chemicals and look great in any landscape.

I’ve been including native plants and grasses in the planning phases since I started designing over 20 years ago. In Eastern Nebraska, planting plants native to the area is essential for thriving greenery. We also work with local nurseries almost exclusively, so you know where your plants are coming from. They’re grown right here in the Midwest and are meant for our climate and soil.

Download our guide to Landscaping With The Native Plants of Eastern Nebraska

Water Features

There’s no doubt that water features can take up water resources if not properly maintained. That’s why we use materials like liners, pipes, and skimmer and filter boxes that are going to hold up for years. This minimizes water loss and still lets you enjoy all the benefits of having the relaxing enjoyment of your water feature. When Heartland Gardens uses well-made materials that means less maintenance for you. We want you to enjoy your pond or waterfall, not worry about keeping it up.

We also sell pond supplies. See our pond supply page to see how we can help you today.

Heartland Gardens of Omaha Sustainable Landscaping

Retention Ponds and Runoff

Another thing we’ve had the chance to work on is water runoff and retention ponds for more than a few local commercial spaces. Many cities ask building owners to address water runoff issues, and we’ve been able to use techniques, such as burming and swailing to move water to a retention pond on the building’s property. This channels all runoff into one place, making it environmentally sustainable. It also lessens the impact on your neighbor’s land and the city’s own municipal water supply. Not only that, but we can make them look cool too! I like to include plant life that thrives in moist conditions, like wetland grasses and shrubs to fill in the space. The water safely seeps into the soil and the landscaping around it keep the area lush and limits common issues like odor.

Heartland Gardens of Omaha Green Landscaping and Eco Landscapes

What’s next?

We’re working with several clients on brand new opportunities, like green driveways. This is where you use special paver materials over a graded surface and fill it in with soil. Seed is planted over this new driveway until it fills in and you’re left with a lush, environmentally friendly driveway. It’s completely stable and safe for your vehicles. If you’d like to have a green driveway installed or have another great idea let me know.

Whether it’s using low impact greenery, native plants, lessening the need for chemicals or even coming up with some interesting new ways to design, we’re all in on green landscaping. Let me know if you’d like to discuss a brand new design, and the sustainability of your yard. Heartland Gardens is excited to do more in a new type landscaping.

997 S 50th St
Omaha, NE 68106