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Who is RenMind?

The RenMind software collective started out in 2010 as a series of projects between company owners Luke Armstrong (RenMind) and a friend Shawn Clapper (C-Blend). RenMind's clients kept asking for things that didn't exist in the software-as-a-service space, so we would build a small proof of concept.  When they wanted better versions of the concepts we'd turn them into web based applications.  These apps were designed to provide value for local businesses with missions like: getting more reviews (GatherOpinion), capturing contacts through coupons (CouponTracks) and even manage online contests (ContestHero). By the beginning of 2014 it was becoming clear that we should find a way for these applications to work together.  We got the nod to unify the existing app logins, and RenMind Network was born. In 2015 we began work on building a new core application to replace our open source mass email delivery tool (CaptiveCrowd).  By the end of 2015 we had hired our 6th full time employee and we added the final touches to the foundation of our unified network of marketing software we originally called "RenMind Network".  This product has become our flagship software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for managing content driven websites enabled with email marketing.  The all-in-one marketing system is extended with special apps that help you capture reviews, share offers, build contests and of course collect funds. 

In practice you could think of RenMind.Network as a micro social media network built for user communities, a bit like Facebook but more distributed. Imagine if the data Facebook collected was owned, and accessible by each local company in it’s own channel and the service was managed by a local agency, franchisor or association who’d manage the whole custom branded community.  As a user you’d mostly operate publicly with no information being collected.  Only you can choose to provide your contact information to a companies Public Channel.

1.) RenMind Wire Channels
- Start your marketing your company on one of our community brands.  Your channel will help you manage communication through web posts, email marketing, contact management and a whole lot more.

2.) RenMind Cable Managers
- Start your own marketing community and run your own communication experiments with your own Private Label(s).  You can brand your network with a domain, logo and email templates.  You can even charge your community for access to their channel, or offset your cost by charging for usage only.

The RenMind Cable (Private Label) is a management software specifically designed for assisting communication efforts across communities (multiple user brands and/or locations). Cable is really a control center for community Channel accounts bundled together and managed from an administrative level. It’s designed for marketers with multiple clients, franchises, or branches in mind, so they can setup resources and templates for their users.  Cable managers can take the reins and direct marketing efforts across an unlimited amount of user channels.
Your users will be using a communication software specifically designed for any local business. The RenMind.network platform does everything you need to capture new connections and communicate with them more regularly. You start by simply publishing engaging messages to your information feed.  Next you would promote those messages to your social media networks.  Ideally, when your social media followers click to read your message, you'll capture their info and turn them into a connection.  RenMind.network uses reviews, coupons, contests and landing pages to capture contact information. This turns social media followers into connections you can directly contact through powerful email messaging tools.  RenMind.network can be a great partner for promoting your existing website but many local businesses may discover that Wire could replace the need for a traditional website completely.
We want to change who has access to marketing software and help small business owners gain ground. Are we excited? You bet, but as always we’re focused on the future. RenMind has just scratched the surface on what companies of all sizes can do to market themselves. We even have a catalog of dozens of other R&D projects that we can leverage for future development. Stay tuned, there will be a lot more to watch with RenMind.network Cable, Wire and RenMind.

Our R&D Timeline for RenMind.network

RenMind / RenMind Network - Roadmap / Milestones
2010 GatherOpinion - Initial release - To help companies manage reviews
2010 CouponTracks - Initial release - To help companies manage lead capture with coupons
2010 CCMS - Initial release - Custom Content Management System builder designed to help designers/developers to build custom content management systems for easy customer website content management completely on the website front-end
2011 CaptiveCrowd - Initial release - Deployed / managed our first Email Marketing system based on OEMPRO installation
2011 RenMind Stats - Initial release - Deployed / managed our first Piwik open source website statistics tracking system
2012 ContestHero - Initial release - To help companies administer online contests
2013 FeelProductive - Initial release - To help users manage their todo's, deadlines and time-tracking
2013 RenMind VBX - Initial release - Deployed / managed our vbx system based on OpenVBX by Twilio
2014 CCMS - New user interface + one-click backups + one-click updates for core
2014 RenMind Network - Initial release - Single sign on for RenMind's software network including Reviews, Coupons, Contests
2015 GatherOpinion - Integrate into RenMind Network, shared settings, simple urls, new look / feel
2015 CouponTracks - Integrate into RenMind Network, shared settings, simple urls, new look / feel
2015 ContestHero - Integrate into RenMind Network, shared settings, simple urls, new look / feel
2015 RenMind Network - Wire / Added basic Contact Management area for Contacts
2015 RenMind Network - Wire / Automatically shares captured content between apps and adds to contact management area
2015 RenMind Network - Wire / Mass Email
2015 RenMind Network - Cable / Branding for multi-account level (franchisor, reseller) & user level account (assign a unique domain to a portal).
2016 RenMind Network - Security updates including MySQLi transition for both RenMind Network and CCMS
2016 RenMind Network - Improved Network knowledge base, problem tracking, support request system
2016 RenMind Network - Wire / Added NEW Content Distribution App / Articles, Press Releases
2016 RenMind Network - Wire / Added CRM features like notes and follow up area for basic functionality
2016 RenMind Network - Wire / Advanced Dynamic List Building (adds ability to group constraints)
2016 RenMind Network - Cable / Integrated billing for monthly accounts and credits incurred with Stripe integration
2016 RenMind Network - Cable / Control for Brand lists for managing announcements to account holders
2018 RenMind Network - Cable / Community Channel feed aggregator with login
2018 RenMind Network - Wire / Basic Shopping Cart with Stripe integration

518 N 40th St.
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899