Cali Commons 518 N 40th St
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Starting in November 2017 the Cali Commons Live-stream Performance Workspace will be available for local talent!

If you are a performance artist or a musician and you would like to share your talent online, this is the perfect platform for you. The Cali Commons facility is equipped with the latest in live streaming technology and can provide the set up you need to make your videos stand out. 

Our workspace can be used for:

-Streaming live performances
-Teaching online classes
-Live interviews
-Group interactions 
-Video making and editing
-Talent competitions

And much more!

Every month we will select the most popular/viewed/liked/voted participant and feature their video on our website!

Why come to us instead of making your video at home?

Our  workspace is entirely dedicated to our partners' performance needs. Not only do we have the best technology but we have staff that can help you create the video you envision, whether you are an aspiring Youtuber or an up and coming performer. 

In addition to the online exposure, our building is conveniently located near the busy intersection of 40th and California, where you will be able to present your talent to foot and vehicle traffic and create more interest in your brand. 

Cali Commons is constantly engaging the community by hosting events and expanding it's network. By becoming a partner of the gallery you will have access to this community and you will be able to make pivotal connections that can make a significant difference for your career. 

Let us know what your passion is, and we will show you how this workspace can work for you! You can stop by Monday-Saturday and check out the space or you can set up a consultation with the project manager: 

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Cali Commons 518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 618 1981