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One year ago (1-16-16) after 5 1/2 years of R&D projects and paid tinkering around we announced the first publicly available version of RenMind Network.  Today, just over a year later we are here to take a look at our second major release of RenMind Network.

What’s next?  
Our newest release will contain a whole slew of updates and feature enhancements, a server migration and 2 new Wire apps that are currently in private beta testing.  
a.) Products - Basic Shopping Cart with Stripe integration
Built for the needs of a local manufacturer our first application for selling products and services will be launched soon.  It’s first build will have support for freight shipping but later versions will add delivery options for pickup, download, and UPS.

b.) Pitch - Basic homepage, pitch page or product/service promotion page 
Built for the needs of a international franchisor, pitch pages will let your wire feel more like a regular website with a homepage style splash.  These pages are meant to let novice users test different pitches to see which works more effectively.
Vision for the future
RenMind Network was built for franchisors, solo-prenuers, freelancers and small agencies.  We want to find partners to build business on top of our technology.
As our company has developed new resources we have evolved to leverage those resources.  In this spirit we are continuing to evolve.  Starting 1-17-17 RenMind will focus on selling to businesses that manage wire users as our primary marketing objective.  We will also focus on teaching and building select case studies to demonstrate the advantages of using our product.  We hope that by focusing on our own products, we can streamline the majority of our development efforts into our core product.  We think this effort will be good for us and our growing user community.

RenMind’s Pilot Program
We are looking for energetic, creative and driven folks who’d be interested in launching a software and service based business.
What are we asking for?
We’d be asking you to put in 6-months of focused, part-time effort trying to start a scalable software + service business.  Here will be your mission as a RenMind Pilot:
1.) Learn to use RenMind Cable & Wire
2.) Design a fulfilling, scalable service business that leverages RenMind Cable & Wire
3.) Report bugs and suggest improvements in RenMind Cable & Wire
4.) Teach a monthly class to help future students get up to speed more quickly

Express interest
We will invite you to a free information session where you can meet our team and ask us questions about the program details.

Yes, I want to know more about RenMind and it's Pilot Program.

518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899