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Switch on Your Community Marketing Network

Our communication software network was designed to help you produce and scale engaging, interactive, and personalized messages across your client network. Will you join us?
  • Custom branded access to your Network for your agency
  • Setup custom brands with specially branded login access at a specific domain
  • Control templates and styles for the brands in your agency network.
  • Add and delete agency accounts as you choose
  • Log in to franchisee accounts to help support them in their digital marketing efforts
  • Control access to credits, even charge your agency directly through our systems
  • Automatically get new software apps and features as they become available to the community

For Agency  & Franchise Communication Managers

Can you imagine a software that streamlines the execution of your marketing strategies across multiple clients or locations at the same time? When you become a Cable Partner in the RenMind Network, you’ll be able to pull the marketing strings and capture data to validate your efforts in hundreds of locations at once. 
RenMind Cable is specifically designed for agencies who want to manage communication efforts for multiple clients.  Cable can streamline the implementation of your creative efforts. It’s so easy and powerful you may actually want to do all the marketing for your clients.


Control Your Marketing Network Across Locations

Full Control Custom Branding Admin Support
Branded E-mail Transactions With Ease Community
   Reject Management    Schedule

Provide a Toolset and Services for Your Community

Contact Lead Capture Publish
Reviews Stats Invoice


Cable Membership Pricing

Agency Partner

10 Wire accounts

100k/mo in email credits
$25/additional account
$.003/extra email credit

email support
online training
Launch Your Network!

Franchise Partner
400 Wire accounts

1mm/mo in email credits
$10/additional account
$.0025/extra email credit

phone support
email support
online training
Empower Your Network!

Network Starter

2 Wire accounts

1k/mo in email credits
$25/additional account
$.005/extra email credit

email support
online training
Grow A Network!
Note: Custom enterprise packages are available, please contact us for more information and we can design a plan to fit your specific needs.

Additional Services

As-needed professional services - Get additional services (strategic, writing, design, development). Ask about our easy, affordable contract rate services.

Introduction to Cable training session - Get a proper introduction with (2x) 90 minute sessions + (1x) 30 minute follow-up for a one-time price of $490.

Get Your Network Started

We are looking for great partners who want to start a new network or enhance services for their existing network.  If this is you, we want to talk.  We'll even design new features to fit your specific network needs.  Check out our example network site at RenMind.in.  Then fill out the form below to learn more!

Yes, please contact me and send me additional information!
518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 516-2899