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If a blog is a like a journal, calicommons.net is like a community story.  This story is individually curated but it is also promoted individually and collectively.  Said another way, it is a more local, community oriented version of a social media network that is used to promote all the individual brands in the group. 

Here's how Cali Commons promotes our part of the community story.
1.) We define our content goals.
The goal here is to gradually make each narrative entry more compelling and purposefully for the full story.  For our next post (this one) we want to show how our underlying software helps Cali Commons and each of our members tell our stories. 

2.) We set up a pitch page to collect new interest.
Set up a custom form and a pitch page to collect information from interested parties.
3.) We publish a short, purposeful narrative entry to your story.
We'd like to write some compelling copy, then produce a demo/explainer video and maybe a header image to make this message stand out.  Once this is complete we will move to communicate this message across channels to interested parties, who can in turn -- spread it around.  At the close of the entry create a compelling call to action that links to the pitch from step 2.
4.) We promote the entry to our email subscribers.
Write a little summary teaser for the narrative we published.  We send a note to our interested subscribers so they can read it, share it or even contact us about it.
5.) We promote the entry to our social media awareness points.
We visit CaliCommons.net and use the share links to promote our post on the appropriate social media channels.  While we are at it, we look through the community posts and promote those we are interested in.  By reading other community member posts and promoting them we are doing our part to build positive group action.
6.) We repeat this process.
Why is repeating required?  Since our story is on-going we need to keep people interested in how we are evolving. There is no magic number of narratives in this story.  We can continuely promote specific past narratives and add new ones as they emerge.   When we look for something to add, we should just notice what is going on in our real life story --  what concepts, events, products or services we are working on. 

As a member of Cali Commons you can also curate your part of this story, removing or archiving parts that are no longer relevant.  If you like the sound of digital community, maybe you'd also be interested in our physical community.  Think of it as a place to explore your ideas, test your concepts and build your own community foundation.

Join us!
518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 513-2321