Brian was an absolute professional. From my first encounter with him via telephone, he was open and honest about what I should expect. I met Brian at the house and again gave me an overview of what he would be inspecting and briefly explained the process. Within 24 hours of completion I received detailed and summary. While I took interest in the detailed report, I was more impressed with the summary. While the detailed report contained information on the smallest of issues, the summary highlighted those key items that would influence my purchase decision. I had the opportunity of receiving an inspection report that was performed on the same about three weeks prior, and while it highlighted some of the same areas, it also overlooked several. I was also impressed with the amount of time Brian spends at his inspection locations and his attention to detail. The report from the other company listed they were onsite for 1.5 hours. While I can’t recall the exact hours Brian was on site, I’m positive that it was not less than four hours. I like it that after inspection was completed he explained the findings and what they meant to me, took his time to do a thorough job, highlighted key findings, was courteous, professional, and honest. On top of all of that Brian came highly recommended, actively uses technology to assist him in his work, and after speaking with him I felt like I was making an informed purchase. Awesome job Brian!
5 star review of Camelot Home Inspections - Tyler, Texas by Roderick